Designed to Secure Mobile Communications for All Connected Devices

Dust Mobile is the first Cyber Defense mobile operator, exclusively designed to meet new sovereignty requirements in terms of protection of mobile communications against cyber threats and intercellular attacks on cellular networks.

A Rich History of Innovation and Success


Fund Raising


1st Generation SIM Card


2nd Generation SIM Card & Wavestone Radar of French Cybersecurity start-ups


2n Fund Raising


3rd Generation SIM Card & Wavestone Radar at the French Cybersecurity Scale up

Dust Mobile by the Numbers

100 +
Mobile Network Operators
Countries and territories covered
Years of existences

Pioneering Cyber DefenseSolutions and Industry Acknowledgments

Our team studies new attack patterns daily to ensure the cybersecurity of our clients in the rapidly and constantly evolving field of cyber threats.

Our excellence earns us recognition from the most demanding clients and leading organizations in the cyber defense market.

We also appear on Wavestone’s cybersecurity scale-up radar.

We are members of the Pole d’Excellence Cyber, GICAT, and Cercle de l’Arbalète. We have won several awards such as the Jury Prize 2023 at the International Cybersecurity Forum, the Prime Minister’s Services Grand Cyber Challenge, the 2021 Mobility Security Award from Mobility for Business, and the 2023 Milipol Cybersecurity Innovation Award.

Our Unwavering Commitment to Excellence

We prioritize the consistent delivery of excellence, combining advanced technology and reliability. Beyond delivering sophisticated solutions, our teams rigorously assess the simplicity of our solutions, ensuring ease of adoption for IT, Telco, and Cyber security teams. Moreover, we commit to delivering solutions that are effortlessly managed in day-to-day operations and seamlessly adopted by end-users

Ongoing Research and Innovation

We continuously provide a comprehensive solution, ensuring ongoing updates on new threats.

End-to-End Support

We ensure the integrity of communication flows. Our teams gather requirements and develop optimal protection strategies.

User-Friendly Solutions

Our solutions are easy to adopt, relying on your existing equipment and operating systems while ensuring flawless communication.

Strategic Control

Your IT control strategy remains entirely yours, and we bring our expertise in identifying data and communication risks.
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