Our Solution
is so Exclusive
and Critical...

that the names of our clients must remain confidential to better protect them.

We’re Protecting Governments and Businesses

Comex and VIPs

Enhance mobile security for high-profile executives in transit, ensuring privacy and protection during critical communications.

Legal Sector

Safeguard sensitive legal data and communications, upholding client confidentiality and regulatory compliance.


Shield journalistic sources and protect sensitive information from cyber threats, preserving journalistic integrity.

Critical Infrastructure Operators (OIV):

Defend vital infrastructure against cyber threats, ensuring uninterrupted services for the public good.


Provide top-tier mobile security solutions for military and defense personnel, safeguarding classified data.Ensure robust protection for private security firms, securing sensitive information and operations.

Public Administrations

Safeguard government communications and data, ensuring secure governance and public trust.

Financial Sector

Protect financial institutions' mobile transactions and data, preserving economic stability and client trust.

People on the Move

In an era marked by constant mobility, safeguarding privacy and sensitive data is of paramount importance. We rise to this challenge, offering comprehensive solutions for individuals on the move. Our services provide unwavering protection against mobile cyber threats, whether our customers work remotely, travel, or engage in diverse global activities. Wherever they find themselves, they can remain fully dedicated to their professional and personal pursuits, as we guarantee resilience across 214 countries and territories.

Business & Mission Continuity

Ensuring business and mission continuity is critical for organizations, especially in today’s dynamic landscape. We provide adaptable communication solutions. Whether it’s crisis management, resilient mobile connectivity, securing critical infrastructure, or enabling secure “pop-up” networks, our services empower organizations to maintain optimal operational conditions in times of disruption. We are the trusted partner of governments and businesses for reliable, secure, and flexible communication strategies that support a business continuity plan.

Operational Performance & Industrial Capability

The advent of Industry 4.0 has ushered in an era of heightened data transmission, necessitating robust security measures. We excel in this domain, offering end-to-end protection for machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity. Our solutions encompass strong multi-level authentication, encryption key exchange, and data transmission security. We serve numerous industries, providing secure networking solutions for connected objects, IoT, IIoT, and IoP deployments, enabling our customers to embrace a future of secure and resilient industrial connectivity.

Key government organizations and critical infrastructure are no longer the sole targets of cyberattacks. They now pose a threat to the viability of all types and sizes of organizations worldwide, increasingly through mobile communications. We've developed our solution with a strong focus on both detection excellence and the end-user experience, recognizing the equal importance of both aspects
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