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The First Cyber Defense
Mobile Operator

Dust Mobile is designed to revolutionize mobile communications by providing unparalleled resilience and cutting-edge protection against cyber threats across cellular networks. Whether it’s smartphones, tabs or IoT.

When we launched Dust Mobile, our ambition was to address the mobile network vulnerabilities that had long been overlooked. Today, our trailblazing teams are in an ongoing race to identify ever-evolving cyber threats, ensuring optimal protection and maximum resilience for every client.
Denis Ratinaud, CEO

Safeguarding Businesses and Key Individuals,Ensuring an Unchanged User Experience

Our mission is safeguarding your critical business operations. We achieve this through our rugged SIM card and a seamlessly is designed to thwart advanced mobile threats. We swiftly detect, prevent, block, and respond to the cyber threats and network vulnerabilities.

Your Shield against the Rise of Cyber Risks

In an ever-expanding landscape of cyber attacks, achieving and sustaining high level of protection has become an increasingly formidable challenge for every type of organization.

By 2025, cyber security Ventures predicts that almost 80% of web traffic will originate from smartphones, tablets, and IoT devices. Regardless of the OS, cybercriminals will increasingly target all potential attack surfaces.
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According to a report from the Ponemon Institute, malware attacks on smartphones saw a staggering 500% increase in Europe and North America during the first quarter of 2022.
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Based on findings from a Eurobarometer survey, in 2021, a significant 28% of European SMEs encountered a cyber attack.
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IBM estimates that the average financial impact of a data breach in France stands at €3.75 million, after a cyber attack.
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A plug&play Cyber Defense service, for your communications

Our SIM card and mobile service harmoniously integrate with a wide range of connected devices, including smartphones, laptops, tablets, routers, and IoT devices, helping you efficiently manage your mobile fleet.

Using our SIM is a transparent experience for your applications, the devices in use, and their respective operating systems, such as iOS, Android, and Windows.

Your SIM card

Receive your customized SIM and insert it into the equipment of your choice.

Set up your device

Configure your equipment in less than 2 minutes.

Restart your equipment

Power cycle your device to confirm the configuration


Use your device without altering your routines at all, while safeguarding your communications.

Protecting Mobile Communications for Government Organizations and Businesses

The only common thread among our clients? Their need for resilience and protection. We serve ministries, armed forces, international institutions, and businesses across a spectrum of industries, including financial institutions, healthcare-pharma, energy, defense & security, media/press, auditing, consulting, etc.

We’re Protecting Governments and Businesses

Comex and VIPs

Enhance mobile security for high-profile executives in transit, ensuring privacy and protection during critical communications.

Legal Sector

Safeguard sensitive legal data and communications, upholding client confidentiality and regulatory compliance.


Shield journalistic sources and protect sensitive information from cyber threats, preserving journalistic integrity.

Critical Infrastructure Operators (OIV)

Defend vital infrastructure against cyber threats, ensuring uninterrupted services for the public good.


Provide top-tier mobile security solutions for military and defense personnel. Ensure robust protection for private security firms, securing sensitive information and operations.

Public Administrations

Protecting government communications, to ensure secure governance, in line with the high level of requirement of a public mission organization.

Financial Sector

Protect financial institutions' mobile transactions and data, preserving economic stability and client trust.

Global Resilient Coverage

Dust Mobile offers all-encompassing protection without restricting your business reach, for truly comprehensive resilience. Our services extend across 214 countries, relying on 731 Mobile Network Operators




Cyber Defense



Join us

Joining Dust Mobile means being part of a visionary team dedicated to enhancing privacy and protecting against economic interference through cutting-edge cyber risk mitigation. It means contributing to the protection of sensitive and vital assets of state organizations and companies against advanced cyber threats. We provide innovative opportunities within a passionate, tightly-knit team that thrives on overcoming challenges with benevolence and team spirit. Join us to make a significant impact in a customer-centric, innovative environment. Our team’s expertise and bold approach drive our mission to safeguard sensitive assets and reshape the future of mobile cyber defense.

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