Highest Security, Easiest Adoption

A rugged SIM card and related services, elevating the protection and resilience of businesses and their key individuals to a new level. Communications and data exchanges are shielded from any malicious attack, ensuring perfect confidentiality.

Dust Mobile Solution

A comprehensive offering for optimal protection

Dust Mobile solutions incorporate state-of-the-art techniques of the sector, and consistently stay ahead of any new type of cyber threats. Our solution offers full protection, elevating your IT security strategy to a whole new level.

Protection without app installation, syncing seamlessly with all devices and apps for a user-centric experience.
Offering worldwide, stealthy, and resilient coverage for all communication services.
Controlled data repatriation to our cores network, with tailored routing based on user needs.
A management tool for cyber security teams, offering real-time SIM insights, attack analysis, usage patterns, and dynamic alerts.

Your Needs,our Shield

Our solution comprises an impenetrable rugged SIM card combined with a comprehensive mobile and IoT communication package, backed by real-time monitoring services. Our protection offerings include data, voice calls, and SMS, or can be tailored to cover data exclusively.

Our Mission: Protect and Ensure Resilience


Experience the advantages of worldwide resilient connectivity, spanning 2G, 3G, 4G LTE, and 5G NSA, through our extensive network of over 730 partner networks.

Threat Detection

Our real-time monitoring platform empowers you to swiftly detect attacks and intrusion attempts, pinpoint their origin, and thwart them.


Your communications (calls, SMS, and data) are protected by monitoring the radio access network, operator signaling channels (SS7, SIGTRAN, Diameter, Cornet, SMPP, SIP, GTP-C), and your SIM cards


Get instant alerts when your users become targets, and take immediate countermeasures according to your risk management strategy.

Protecting Mobile Communicationsof Government Organizations and Businesses

Ensuring the security of government organizations and businesses, Dust Mobile goes above and beyond in safeguarding not only their vital operations but also the key individuals steering them. We protect potentially every mobile communication of our clients, protecting their performance, and ensuring uninterrupted business continuity.


We offer global solutions for mobile individuals, ensuring data privacy and security against cyber threats across 214 countries.


We empower organizations with adaptable communication strategies, aiding crisis management, connectivity, and securing critical infrastructure for uninterrupted operations.


We excel in Industry 4.0, providing end-to-end security for M2M connectivity and secure networking solutions for IoT and industrial deployments.


The Surface of IntrinsicThreats to Mobile Networks

Protecting Government Organizations

Our cyber protection solution offers government organizations a disruptive level of protection.

They gain enhanced security for their voice and data communications, the stealth needed for their activities, and resilience in the face of the constant evolution of cyber threats.

This ensures optimized IT operations, cost savings, and strengthened national security.

It establishes a new benchmark in cybersecurity policy.

Protecting Businesses

Our solution offers comprehensive cyber protection for business communications to ensure the uninterrupted operation of their activities.

In doing so, they protect sensitive communications, demonstrate their commitment to cybersecurity, and position themselves as leaders, fostering trust among both customers and stakeholders.

This contributes to enhance their reputation, financial efficiency, a competitive advantage, and to a guarantee of innovation.

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